The Process

A personal planner — cultivate the habit of planning and reflecting daily

The Process is a simple habit building app. By planning and reflecting 5 minutes daily, you can reduce your stress and steer your life more easily.

Reduce noise in your head

At the end of each day, you set about 5 minutes to reflect on your day and plan for tomorrow. This simple act reduces the noise in your head about unfinished tasks, and calms the anxiety about unplanned tasks. Knowing that you've already planned, your mind can relax more easily at the end of the day.

Course correct early

It's a beneficial exercise to make yourself aware of what's important to accomplish that day. By reflecting daily, you get a chance to course correct early on, and be more effective with your daily actions.

Become more productive

As the habit develops and you get better at planning, your clarity and effectiveness increases, so naturally you become more productive.


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